Warriors of Praise and Faith Ministries brand development project.
August 2017
Logo design; brand development; print design; print production.
In 2017, our team was contacted by Warriors of Praise and Faith Ministries to help develop a new cohesive brand that would incorporate all of the elements of the ministry into one unifying symbol. The project brief included a description of a variety of religious symbols to be incorporated into the final design. During the development stage, we established keywords to build the identity from: strength, regal, faith. Every element incorporated into the final design has purpose and meaning to Warriors of Praise and Faith Ministries, representing the tenets of the mission.

From the logo, we developed a common design language to apply to marketing pieces, from fliers to posters to CD/DVD labels. The pieces developed from this design language should be representative of the whole of the brand with a large emphasis on the main mission of each piece. We incorporated prominent graphic elements to showcase the main mission goal of each piece — for example, extensive use of music notes for the Fine Arts Academy poster and fliers.
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