Greene Real Estate Law brand development project.
June 2017
Logo design; brand development; print design; print production.
The Scales of Justice, a universally recognized symbol of the legal profession. A well-designed brand should represent the organization at a glance, and incorporation of commonly-used elements can go a long way to establishing a connection for a new brand to a target audience.

Attorney Michael F. Greene contracted with Digital Cocoa, Inc. when establishing a new law practice. Our goal was to produce a brand identity that maintained the level of professional decorum expected in the legal field. To meet that goal, we opted to focus on a minimalist approach to graphic elements. They should be simple and clean. As a firm focused on real estate law, we chose to represent this by incorporating the Scales of Justice into a simple icon of a house. The iconography was paired with the typeface Trajan, a Roman-inspired typeface chosen to draw a connection to traditional courthouse styling.

When it came time to choose colors, a green color was an obvious if a bit on-the-nose choice, but it made sense for several reasons. The obvious connection to the name Greene creates a stronger memory for those that view it, which greatly benefits the brand. Beyond the obvious, the color green, in color theory, represents growth, hope, and safety, all attributes that pair well with real estate purchases. That it fit so well with the name of the firm all but sealed it as the perfect color choice to tie the brand together.
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