Poster Design: Public Displays of Deception (Second City)

Poster Design: Public Displays of Deception (Second City)

Project Brief

The design team at Digital Cocoa, Inc. was approached by a member of the Second City Chicago Training Centre to produce a poster design for their upcoming show. The show featuring themes revolving around the masks and lies people use in their daily relationships to hide their true feelings. They were looking for a design that played to this duality while being stark and mysterious.

Poster Design Elements

The poster features a strong, hand-sketched image of an embracing couple concealing weapons behind them to invoke the duality theme of the show. The colors were chosen specifically to invoke both light and dark imagery, the white representing the purity and honesty of the fake attitudes while the red speaks to the hidden anger, lust, and passion, all while shrouded in the dark black background. The sketchy style of the art and text were further used to add energy and an uneasy feeling to the poster.

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