Logo Design: Majestic Property Acquisitions

Logo Design: Majestic Property Acquisitions

Project Brief

Our client, Majestic Property Acquisitions, contacted us for a logo design project to add an identity to their company. They asked our team to design a logo that would invoke a regal feeling in both color and iconography. We set out with these goals in mind to create a logo that would combine the regal elements with housing-related imagery to bring the two elements together into one cohesive design.

Logo Design Elements

We started with the icon. Using the brief word “regal” and the business name “Majestic”, we immediately looked to the staple graphic of a kingly crown. To tie this to the property acquisitions focus of the business, we added the housing elements of a rooftop, chimney, and window to make a combined icon. We then set our sights on the typography. A regal name should be bold yet classic, so we opted for an elegant script typeface and paired that with a sturdy, modern serif typeface to give the logo a stylish, modern touch. The client asked us to use purple for the logo and that couldn’t have been a better choice. Purple has historically been a color associated with royalty, as has gold which we used for the accent color. This left us with a combination of elements whose execution we are particularly proud of.

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