Logo Design: Greene Real Estate Law

Logo Design: Greene Real Estate Law

Project Brief

A key aspect of a logo design project is designing a graphic that reflects the services and attitude of the company it represents. When starting out, our client, Greene Real Estate Law, knew they wanted to represent their business with a unique logo that was instantly recognizable as a real estate focused law firm.

Logo Design Elements

We started this project by working up several icons for the logo. We worked with commonly recognized legal and real estate icons – a house and the scales of justice – and worked them into one cohesive element. We then worked on choosing an appropriate typeface. We settled on the Trajan typeface, a Roman-inspired type derived from the engraved text on Trajan’s Column. This typeface pairs well with the legal profession through its subtle styling and steady, professional appearance. We chose green as the primary color because it’s a calming color commonly associated with growth, hope, and safety, attributes that help ease the often stressful experience of real estate purchases (it’s also a not-so-subtle nod to the founding attorney’s last name; sometimes easy associations make for memorable ones). This project is an example of a logo designed for versatile use and easy readability on a variety of documents, forms, and marketing pieces.

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