Brochure Design: Global Water Technology, Inc.

Brochure Design: Global Water Technology, Inc.

Project Brief

Global Water Technology, Inc. – a company specializing in customized, affordable, and reliable water treatment services – brought our design team a unique project: a brochure, but not just any standard brochure. They wanted a BIG brochure. The project called for a tri-fold brochure where each panel was a full 8½ x 11″ sheet. GWT wanted to equip their team with an eye-catching and memorable brochure design that explained everything their company had to offer in a package whose design theme screamed “water treatment”. They provided us content and photos and set us loose.

Brochure Design Elements

Having worked with GWT on some other brand items in the past, we knew we could begin with the existing style elements, in particular the water splashes, colors, and typefaces. We combined these elements with the provided photos to add style and visual organization to the content. Once we had the framework in place, we moved on to fitting the content into the layout in a manner that was easy to follow, organized by header elements, and placed an emphasis on bullet points to draw attention to the key services and benefits provided by Global Water Technology, Inc. GWT was so thrilled with how well our design represented their company that they would have us go on to apply this style to marketing folders, service proposals, and much more.

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