Brand Design: ThaiTanium Performance

Brand Design: ThaiTanium Performance

Project Brief

The automotive aftermarket parts world is one of the largest growing commercial products industries around and is set to have steady growth over the next decade. To stand out in this growing, competitive market requires a standout brand image that speaks to the products and the company as a whole. To that end, Digital Cocoa, Inc. partnered with ThaiTanium Performance (a name which draws on the founder’s Thai heritage as well as playing on the word “titanium”) to develop a brand design that emphasized the companies strong commitment to high-end titanium performance exhausts for a variety of platforms. “Titanium is naturally lighter than stainless steel; this results in less material required to support the exhaust system. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element on the periodic table (about 60% less dense compared to steel), attesting to its benefits. Therefore, the wall thickness of titanium tube can be thinner while giving the same if not more strength to the exhaust. The less weight on your vehicle the more it will improve your lap times, fuel economy, braking, handling and acceleration.”

Brand Design Elements

The logo we developed features a unifying element in the “exhaust” system the runs the length of the logo and terminates in a muffler-style design element. The chosen colors draw on the results of “burning” titanium to create a beautiful blend of colors usually done to add an element of style to finish off the ends of a titanium exhaust system. We additionally developed an icon-sized version of the logo for use in supplemental branding and social media advertising, an essential consideration for any brand design project. The icon draws on colors and themes from the full logo while shortening the text to “Ti”, the chemical symbol for the element titanium. ThaiTanium Performance has further reached out to Digital Cocoa, Inc. to develop product line brands for special edition variations of other systems in their performance exhaust lineup, as well as consultation for usage guidelines for the brand.

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